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Peak Health Center Announces that Pot Network Holdings Retracts Every Allegation and Statement Made About “Hops-Derived” CBD

“My body was broken down and we did not do well in the Big-3 ( tournament in 2017. I discovered ImmunAG™, Kriya® hops CBD, after that. I felt much better taking ImmunAG™. We won the Big-3 tournament in 2018 ( I credit Kriya® Hops CBD a lot for it,” said Cuttino Mobley. Mobley is the co-captain of Big-3’s Houston Power ( Prior to that, he was a premiere shooting guard for the Houston Rockets ( and LA Clippers ( “I know Hemp CBD. And I have seen the hops CBD from Kriya® Humulus. It’s not even close. Hemp oil smells like cannabis and the Kriya® oil has a very different pleasant smell. Kriya® hops derived CBD is fragrant and smells nothing like cannabis,” continued Cuttino Mobley.

“I have CTE, seizures and waves of migraines. I could not work and was incapacitated. I tried hemp CBD and I was still nonfunctional. Then I tried ImmunAG™— Kriya® Hops CBD tincture. I have never felt better. My world has opened up. My seizures have stopped, my migraines are under control and I am able to work and play a full day,” says James Hundon, who was a wide receiver for the NFL’s ( Cincinnati Bengals ( “I am furious that anyone would try to smut this product and jeopardize my health. I am blogging about my experience and you will be able to follow my progress.”




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